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Thanks so much for ordering my album .Before you go iv’e got something special that i want to share with you . I have been a musician for nearly all of my life .I have written and recorded many songs ,performed many times in front of small and large audiences. For many years i have carted around an old cardboard box from house to house that contains a lot of stuff that i have amassed as a songwriter and musician. Having this stuff laying around in bits and pieces can be sometimes hard to find , so i decided that i was going to make a digital archive !

In this archive i have added a new four track  EP of some current songs that are not featured on either of my two albums and also not on the free download that initially got you interested in my music in the first place .The archive will also contain live acoustic videos filmed from different sources from my musical timeline ,lyric sheets to many of my current songs along with early demo recordings of previously unreleased material .This is just a documented archive of my life as a singer, songwriter and performer over the last few years .I will be adding new material to this as often as i can .

In addition ,this archive will contain an all access VIP pass to any paid shows that i have in the future ,first access to new music and new video performances (possibly some online)that are up and coming and some audio interviews.

id like to let you have access to all these offers !

If you were to look at the retail price for the music and the videos etc it would work out a lot more than the price that i am offering, and remember much of this material IS NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE.

However ,as a thank you for ordering my album  i want to offer you this package for the fraction of the normal price.

As a special ONE TIME OFFER you can get hold of this archive for just £19.95 per year .With this particular offer ,you are getting the material  for a fraction of the price compared to going via the normal retail channels .

Perhaps more importantly by obtaining the archive etc ,you are helping support the  recording of future album releases and tours .

Here is a recap on what you will obtain from the John Gallagher music archive

* a brand new 4 track EP

*previously unreleased material( never heard by the public)

* Acoustic video performances of my songs

*First access to new music

*Discounts on future live events

*audio interviews

*online concerts

*lyrics to many of my songs

Everything is hosted  within the archive where you will be able to listen to ,view  and in some cases download links to the material .You”ll receive INSTANT ACCESS immediately after ordering .

And just because i want to make certain that everyone is happy with their purchase ,i offer a COMPLETE 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE .If the archive is for any reason not what you expected ,send me an email within 30 days and you’ll receive a complete refund .

Now i realise that this offer is not for everyone .If my album was a gift or just a casual purchase then this special offer may not be for you .However if you are a fan of my music and would like to help support me as an artist while getting a good deal to my archive ,then this is a good opportunity to obtain these goodies at a price that you won’t see AGAIN .

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER this is just a ONE TIME OFFER, the archive is not available anywhere else  so once you close this page the offer will be gone for good.

So if you would like access to more music and videos etc click the order button below




No thanks, i’d like to pass on this chance to get the John Gallagher digital music archive and proceed to the download page for the album that i have already purchased.

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