The story behind my EP ‘Universal avenues’


Hi Folks . If you have come this far to follow my story then I thank you for taking the time to do so. My New EP ‘Universal avenues ‘is a culmination of songs that signpost my story over the last 20 years of how I found myself making music. Before I ever became a singer-songwriter, Up until my thirties I was a bass player that was in a band that had a big management deal . This company had managed some very big names and ensuing meetings with the singer would take place in London all based on the false promise that we would be signed to a major record label . This never happened but we carried on for a while continuing to make music. At this time I had written a song for the band which was not embraced by them because they had a vision of what they wanted , albeit a contrived based around how other bands sounded which was unoriginal .This rejection never bothered me because  I never saw myself as a writer ,so didn’t give it a second thought.It was only after a good friend of mine and the band got me to reluctantly play the song for him .He then said that he didnt like what the band was producing ,and that song He heard me play was from a real place and he very much liked it . He told me that I should forget about the band and just write for my own sake whether it meant ‘success’ or not . My friend was the intial door opener for me to being where I am now. the first song on the EP called You can’t turn away from love’ has references to this as well as a universal message to follow to your heart and not your head. The second song ”Let the day roll away” is abouliving in the present moment and taking everyday as it comes. And the third ”Embrace” was written for a friend before he got married but also aplies to life in general ”ive seen good friends who go through change ,and it,s change that makes us grow.so Take all that life has to give with all it,s ebbs and flows”. Love all 

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