Riviera Fm Ted Evans reviews John Gallagher EP

Listening now for the first time as i type, How you going to make it shine is playing now, i very much like the arrangement it’s a little different isn’t it, the bass is very very cool.  I do like it when a song jumps out at me instantly.  The bass line sold it to me on the first note and made me want to hear more.  Very much liking your vocals too. Inside on now, and again straight away i’m wanting to hear more from the first few notes. What i am liking about your music so far is i can’t put a genre on it despite hearing a lot of influences in it, that makes me very excited, ooh the backing vocals have just kicked in,,, lush!  now the instrumental and again that glorious bass in the background there’s so much within this yet each instrument stands out, that is really very clever.  I love the balance and mix of production, even that last solo bass note, floats my boat! Speaking of boats, Tides are turning, again immediately sold on this, i’m wondering where you are going to take me this time, yep, this is a very, very clever track and arrangement and very pleasing to my ears.

I don’t think i have ever done this before, type as i listen, it’s quite exciting!  

I promise you i would not give praise if it did not appeal to me, but honestly, everything about this does, particularly Tides are Turning, i hope this makes sense but its taking me in so many directions at once, literally like a rip tide or estuary mouth with currents pulling you everywhere! very exciting, almost scary and very much up my street (or river i suppose)

Ill be playing Tides are Turning Tonight and the others and the weeks go by. To see what Ted does click links below


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