How Curtis Mayfield got me through

big fish imageIt was purely out of the blue that one night a few years ago I received a phone call from someone who knew a friend of mine that I had currently been writing and recording music with .They knew that I was a Bass player and they were looking for someone quick to play a series of gigs in Germany .The set list was made up of Rhythm and Blues and Motown tunes ,all stuff that I have great affinity for.
Most of the tunes I had never played .The big hesitation was the fact that I had just two weeks to learn the entire set list ,which pulled up a few doubts .It wasn’t my ability to learn the material ,it was the time frame in which to learn it that caused me to hesitate .
After half a day to think this job over I decided I was going to take it on .With many listens to the material ,one track particularly stood out. ‘Move on up’ by the singer,songwriter and guitarist Curtis Mayfield . This track really transported me somewhere else .
‘Move on up’ has this driving funky rhythm and hopeful message .The song spoke to me in a spiritual way as ive always looked that way when things get a little hard at one time or another.

Curtis Mayfield has this way of making a lyric convey itself universally .So the lyric in ‘Move on up ‘not only got me through those doubts about taking the plunge into the deep end
and furthering myself musically,spiritually and experientially, but also his way of conveying a message in his lyric to be all inclusive
of everybody, started to come out through my own songwriting.
I realised this after writing a song called ‘How you going to make it shine’that for the first time I had written a song that I was proud of and it made me think of Curtis Mayfield and other singers like Bill Withers and Sly Stone to name a few who could portray a song and a lyric in this way.

‘How you going to make it shine still gets played in my set to this day .
this track is not currently available for sale but I would like to give it to you as a free download for being one of my subscribers.

So download ‘ How you going to make it shine. Here
If you like the track you might also consider checking out All roads lead home .
It’s my latest album and it’s full of tunes that I like to think would make‘Curtis proud’’

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