A glimpse to the other side:

It was back in the North of England ,where I had been a Bass player in a band who were obsessed with becoming famous and landing a major recording deal .This was in and around the early to mid 90s when many Indie and guitar bands were being signed up .The rest of the guys in the band were all equally swept up in the hype and for the best part many of the important aspects (to some members)were being overlooked leading to the eventual splitting up of the band .

This first encounter with being in a band hadn’t left a bitter taste in my mouth ,on the contrary, it had given me the feeling that there was so much more to this than just becoming ‘Famous’.
At the time when I was in the Pop band, I had also got together with a Rock ,Soul and Blues band Who really played a large part in showing me what it was like to be in the world of being a working
Musician .The scenario with this band could not have been more different, with many gigs (sometimes four a week) becoming a regular thing.

The life of getting together regularly to rehearse new material ,taking our equipment to gigs and getting the best sound possible to then play to appreciative audiences was far more rewarding than sitting around waiting for numerous A n R and big managers to deliver big promises which never came.

I then knew that it took a lot of commitment and hard work to be good.
This taught me a valuable lesson of what to expect .The splitting up of the pop band was a big positive that definitely worked in my favour but I was yet to know this fully
Instead of looking at the fruits and end results to make me happy ,this newer musical adventure gave me a strong appreciation of the journey and the focus of the scenery along the way.

In the Blues band I was treated as a friend ,someone of value .I would love to spend time hanging out with my band mates ,who became so much more than just people I played in a band with .
The singer and the guitarist broadened my already eclectic music tastes with Jazz and music from all over the world. We would go to gigs where mutual friends were playing to soak up all they had to offer as well As festivals to see African ,Asian ,and a whole mix of music that was and still is endlessly fascinating to me. The atmosphere of these events as well as our own gigs ,were not only educational but were filled with fun and social activity .having a drink or two and being introduced to Marijuana were some of the activities we enjoyed when we were not performing and some times when we were !.

Through these turn of events I eventually went on to picking up the Guitar seriously as I had been a Bass player for many years and found myself starting to write songs of my own experiences and then broadening to other areas ,,It was never my intention initially to become a songwriter.
I’m a strong believer in ‘when inspiration wants to find you .it will ‘.
Over the years of playing many festivals and gigs as a solo performer and with small bands has made me appreciate in equal measure how  much determination ,but also how much pleasure and satisfaction comes from the creative process that makes this journey so worthwhile .

But most importantly It’s YOU the listener that makes all of this matter .
I look forward to the sometimes hard ,sometimes varied ,but always worthwhile experiences along this musical journey .

If you would like to hear the most recent milestone of that journey .click here to listen to my most recent album ‘All Roads Lead Home’

Thank you for Being a listener and for making it all matter.

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